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Services for Israeli Start-ups

Throughout its network of foreign investors, distributors, vendors, private equity firms and investment banks, Market Bridges provides Israeli companies with the following services:

Private Placement

We perform our private placements on a success-fee basis only and, therefore, select our engagements carefully. We help clients position their company and prepare marketing and financial material. We identify potential investors, make introductions and support discussions right up to the closing of the transaction.


We offer Israeli emerging growth companies M&A and IPO services via our strategic partnership with JMP Securities (www.jmpsecurities.com), a top-tier, San Francisco-based, full service, middle market investment bank (NYSE: JMP).

Business Development

We help start-ups identify potential international distributors and strategic partners in various territories within our networks. We make introductions, support negotiations, and help maintain the relationship after the partnership agreement is signed.

Services for Foreign Investors and Vendors

Throughout its large network of start-ups, local VCs, and service providers, Market Bridges provides foreign companies access to the Israeli start-up environment. Depending on the partner’s need, we may provide any of the following services:


We identify and clarify the companies that possess the best qualities and fit for our foreign partners. We first study the partner’s needs and criteria, then prepare an initial list, make introductions, and manage all communications.

Due Diligence

We help foreign partners with all types of due diligence. We provide technology, market, and management due diligence, as well as connect to credible parties that can perform legal and accounting due diligence.

Deal Management

We support our partners throughout all stages of the discussion and negotiations with Israeli start-ups. We may also help in discussions with shareholders and co-investors in the round.

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