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Market Bridges Ltd was founded in 2002
as a Tel Aviv-based advisory firm,
bridging Israeli technology and
life science companies to
foreign investors and partners.

"I was pleased with the professional handling
and support of Market-Bridges in the process of
our fund raising for Vibrant, from refining the messages to
investors till the successful closing."

Lior Ben Tsur,
CEO, Vibrant

"Market Bridges has been
an incredible partner to AIO
in the capital raising process.
Their expertise, dedication and support
has been valuable to me and to the company."

Asher Avissar

"I worked with Market Bridges on two
separate financing rounds for PolyPid,
and was very satisfied with the relationship
and the successful results."

Amir Weisberg
CEO, PolyPid
Bridging the Gap

Services for
Throughout its large network of investors, vendors and distributors overseas, Market Bridges provides Israeli start-ups access to international capital markets.

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Services for
Throughout its large network of start-ups, local VCs, and service providers, Market Bridges provides foreign companies access to Israeli start-up environment.

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